Glow Creative Launch

Welcome to Glow Creative!

Hello, my name is Ashleigh Kooyman, and I’m excited to introduce you to Glow Creative – a digital design business.

Glow was born of passion. Fuelled by a desire to enjoy working life and push outside the boundaries of a typical ‘job’. I believe that life can, and should, be more than just living for the weekend. Time should be spent fulfilling passions, helping others, sharing and growing knowledge, and doing the things we love. When we have opportunities to improve our situations or grow as people, I think taking them is the only real choice. That’s why, when life presented me with a decision between getting back on the job hunt or doing my own thing, I chose the latter.

Growing and sharing

Through the process of becoming self-employed and building a business, I have already learned so much. But, this is only the beginning. I think learning (whether through experience or study) is priceless. I intend to continue seeking out chances to grow my knowledge and skill for the rest of my life. As I grow my knowledge and skillset, I intend to share it with others through not only my services, but through blogging and social media. My hope is that my blog can become a valuable resource for people to refer to when they’re going through similar journeys in bettering their careers and lives.

Figuring out how to build a business and everything that comes with it is no easy task. Neither is self-improvement. These things are important. They bring to light many interesting topics that I think should be talked about more openly and clearly. Helping others bring their passions alive brings me joy. So, if you are considering opening your own business or fulfilling a dream, my advice is to go for it (with a plan). If you need support along the way I’m happy to offer my help and expertise.

The time has come

Business at Glow has been quietly operating behind the scenes all year, with a few wonderful clients. I am so grateful to work with like-minded passionate people doing what they love. Now it’s time for Glow Creative to officially launch and begin the next stage of the journey!

Check out the services I offer at Glow Creative

I am a self-employed web developer & graphic designer. Helping small business owners to bask in their glow by following their passion is what I love to do. I enjoy spending time in nature, reading great books, and eating a lot of pasta.

Curious to see what's possible?
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